Special Needs Support Center


Special Needs Support Center at University of Tuzla provides students with the opportunity to fulfill their full potential:


– coordinating academic adjustments and support services,

– promoting self-reliance and

– providing information about of rights students with special needs.


Special Needs Support Center

– provide expert assistance to students with disabilities and special needs at the University of Tuzla (students with visual and hearing impairment, physical disability, including students with chronic illnesses, mental disorders and specific learning difficulties, and endangered groups such as ethnic minorities, students with academic disadvantages and poor socio-economic status, who have experience of violence, trauma, etc.)

– Improve international cooperation and exchange of students with disabilities (in cooperation with the Office for International Cooperation),

– Provide expert assistance in applying and implementing domestic and international projects

– Cooperate with partners: ministries, cities, students’ associations and persons with disabilities and associations, working programmatically in favor of persons with disabilities and experts,

– Gather information about number of students with disabilities and create a database for the purpose of planning activities,

– Initiate amendments to legal and subordinate legislation that prevent students with disabilities in the realization of their rights and obligations,

– Performe other activities in order to accomplish basic tasks in accordance with the law and general acts of the University.


The adress of the Special Needs Support Center is street Univerzitetska 1 on Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation, Office No. 8, telephine number 38735320661 or email: alma.dizdarevic@untz.ba.


We invite you to contribute to the Center’s work with your suggestions.


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